Since 1968

Our story began in 1967, when Marvin Bartley, an employee at Burrus Supermarket, convinced Mr. Burrus to build a building on their parking lot on Main Street. Bartley’s BBQ opened in 1968.

The business continued for approximately ten years when Mr. Bobby Weddle purchased the business and continued operations. This was one of only three restaurants in town. The construction of DFW Airport supplied a steady stream of construction personnel. After about ten years, Mr. Weddle passed away and left the business to his son, Wesley Weddle and his wife Angela.

They kept the business until July 15, 1990 when Lynn and Susan Owens became the new owners. Susan worked for American Airlines, so Lynn operated the business with his father, T.J., and his children, Casey, Timothy (T.J.) and Heather.

The business flourished and now operates two businesses. The restaurant operation is managed by Shane Wilkinson, Lynn’s son in law. Bartley’s BBQ catering service is managed by Casey Wilkinson, Lynn’s eldest daughter.

Bartley’s remained on Main Street until July of 1995, when the City of Grapevine purchased the property for the new city hall.

We moved to our current location a block east of Main Street.

We strive daily to maintain the reputation of our predecessors. We are very happy to be an integral part of this great city.